Byte-sized bits of Bot-itude

A very elaborate Joke

- A Zine by Eva Fenz

A Zine written by ChatGPT 3.5
& illustrated by Eva Fenz


This 8-page counter-culture zine is written in both English and gibberish generated by ChatGPT 3.5. The artist spent over two months crafting this elaborate joke about the current state of artificial intelligence. Each zine is printed and hand-bound by the artist.


Each page is intricately designed, featuring pseudo-3D artwork by Fenz, along with partially handwritten text-art in binary. The binary text-art is fully translatable into English.


"Byte-sized Bits of Bot-itude" is a collection of poetry and ASCII art created by ChatGPT 3. The texts in this zine are actual screenshots from conversations between the artist and ChatGPT 3, conducted between 2022 and 2023. Each poem, ASCII artwork, and conversation is entirely unedited.
  • Botitude 1
  • Botitude 2
  • Botitude 3


  • Content: 8 Pages
  • Date: 2023
  • Language: English: "Byte-sized Bits of Bot-itude"
  • Info: (This text was written by ChatGPT 3.5.)

Byte-sized Bits of Bot-itude" is a collection of original poetry and ASCII art generated by ChatGPT 3.5, along with digital artworks created by the artist Eva Fenz. Each page is intricately designed, incorporating hidden Easter eggs and authentic art produced by artificial intelligence. Fenz's digital designs bring attention to key themes, illustrating both the humor and absurdity of AI in its current state.

Fenz spent over two months creating this zine. She began by spending several weeks conversing with ChatGPT 3, training the AI, and collecting screenshots of the process. In addition to meticulously designing and laying out each page, she created a pseudo-3D avatar of ChatGPT to give it more character and personality. The inspiration for this project came while she was experimenting with ChatGPT, where she found the current state of artificial intelligence both intimidating and absurd.


Eva Fenz | Visual Art | Austria
Vienna / Weissensee


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