Vegetable Needs
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This 12-page Zine is available in English and German. Each Zine is printed and handbound by the artist.


Each page is very elaborately designed and contains colorful watercolor illustrations and Text-art.

Short stories

"Gemüsebedarf" is a collection of four humorous short stories that revolve around the theme of food, particularly vegetables and fruits.


  • Content: 12 Pages
  • Date: 2019
  • Languages:
    German: "Gemüsebedarf",
    English: "Vegetable Needs"

"Gemüsebedarf" features four short stories about food, illustrated with watercolors and elaborate text-art. Each short story centers around a vegetable or dish and tells a tale of Fenz's personal life and insights. Her watercolor illustrations highlight the main themes and emphasize the humorous little moments in each story.

Fenz devoted over four weeks of work to creating this zine. In addition to meticulously designing and laying out each page, she translated and reworked the text-art into English. The inspiration for this project struck her during her three-month stay in Istanbul, where she felt lonely and homesick. It was there that she began to write the stories that would become the heart of this zine.


Eva Fenz | Visual Art | Austria
Vienna / Weissensee


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