Unset in Stone Exhibition

In this highly personal series, Fenz combines her love for papermaking, handprinting, and painting with her very own expression and perspective. The "Stonefigure-Series" embodies Fenz's true inspiration, which is why she has decided to continue this body of work for the rest of her life. It serves as both her diary and creative outlet. The starting point of the Stonefigure-Series was created in 2019 during a two-month stay in Istanbul. As the central piece of the collection, “The Blemish” embodies everything that characterizes Eva Fenz's Stone Figures: They are flat, indeterminate, and mostly ungendered archetypes of human fallibility. The shapes were inspired by the archaic “Steinmandln,” also known as cairns. Since ancient times, these rough piles of stones have been built as landmarks. Stacking stone upon stone symbolizes self-discovery for Fenz, where experiences from the past, present, and future build upon each other– until they form a coherent sense of identity– and for Fenz, represent the fundamental process of human transformation.

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2021 Exhibition Details

UNSET IN STONE - Exhibition

While working on the Stonefigure-Series, Fenz exhibited a significant portion of the collection at a pop-up exhibition on Vienna's busiest shopping street, Mariahilfer-Straße, where the exhibition ran for two months.

The Blemish

The central piece of the Stonefigure-Collection, 'The Blemish,' was prominently displayed in the window, visible to passers-by. The Blemish embodies Fenz's self-perception, making it a self-portrait. The artwork reflects her lifelong struggle with trauma, and Fenz considers it a milestone in her journey of personal growth and self-reflection.


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